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Eternelle Guipure is luxury lingerie, exclusively produced in France. We respect the quality, comfort and add an exclusive 'made-in-France' touch. We merge the refinement and elegance that are a permanent need for women, a second nature.


Eternelle Guipure is also thoughtful towards women injured in life, victims of Breast Cancer that have followed a partial or total mastectomy, insulin bag. We offer adaptations or custom-made products and lingerie, according to your particular needs.


Because each woman is unique, Eternelle Guipure offers a privileged service from size 38 until 56.

The beautiful story of Eternelle Guipure is the outcome of my initial training in clothing and the world of haute couture.

Eternelle Guipure is born from my passion for luxury lingerie and the state of need that women have in their every day life. This includes most women like us, considered to be “too different, too voluptuous or not enough"


The talent of our stylists and French creators are found in each product. I have selected the best experts and personalized creations for my customers. My suppliers are those that are respectful of the splendid industry of the corsetière, the work of tailoring matching both comfort and elegance. 

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